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By Doug Peters, posted October 8th & updated October 26th, 2015


I'm an artist.  I also act as a designer and illustrator.  I design fonts, logos, graphics and websites.  I am a photographer and videographer.  I sell domain names and web hosting.  I also act as hostmaster, webmaster, directory master, fontmaster and digital gallery master.  On top of that I do a lot of consulting and some computer tech support (troubleshooting, hardware and software consulting, etc...).

I happen to live in South Dakota.  I don't have any decent equipment.  My computers are old, my hard drives and tablets are always dying before their warranty is up, my cameras are older consumer models, my smart phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

For the past four years I was working a menial job for minimum wage.  I had planned on getting a better job with the company after I had a year of service in.  But I tripped over their safety equipment and haven't been right since.  

I was stuck in that position for 4 years trying to get the medical attention I need.  I will never be the same, and I was stuck making minimum wage, falling farther and deeper into debt.  So its come time to take control of my life, which was spinning out of control, going deeper in debt, and I was never getting a shot.  I guess I have to make my own. 

I love technology.  I also love photography, videography, writing, creating sites and discovering new software.  Which is why I am finally able to setup this website. has been a hankering of mine for a long time.  I am finally setting it up while I await a few clients to show up for web design work.  

If you would like me to design your next website, please use the contact form to get a hold of me, or simply give me a call 1-605-251-8973. 

South Dakota offers some of the very best pheasant hunting available, anywhere.



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