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By Doug Peters, posted October 8th, 2015

All photography, videos and documents on this website,, are Copyright Doug Peters with all rights reserved worldwide.  Explicit written and signed permission is required for the reuse of any material beyond the scope of this website.  Furthermore, no redistribution of this material is allowed, what-so-ever.

As an artist, I am just trying to make it.  It's hard in the digital age.  People might think they have the right to copy another person's work, but they don't actually check.  That's why this website has to setup a 'Terms of Use' page to assure everyone that this is all my original Copyrighted material, and that no one has permission to use it other than I, unless they contact me, ask for said permission, and I send it.  

There are no exceptions.  Please do not copy material from this site.  You are welcome to view and enjoy it, you can even share the link with your friends, but do have them come to this site instead of downloading the images and showing them yourself.

If you would like to discuss using any material found on this site, please use the Contact Me form to get a hold of me, or simply give me a call Me at 1-605-251-8973. 


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