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Badlands Photography Gallery Index

By Doug Peters, posted October 8th & updated October 26th, 2015

I have quite a few photos of the badlands.  I took all the photos presented in the Badlands Gallery with a consumer grade Samsumg Digimax A402, a digital point and shoot snapshot camera.  All photos and material on this website are original and Copyright Doug Peters, all rights reserved.  To use any photo on this site requires permission, see the Terms of Use page for details.

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The South Dakota Badlands

The Badlands is a treacherous land that is impassible by wagon train.  The badlands are a rough, dry terrain that is formed when sedimentary rock and clay has been extensively eroded by wind and water.

Badlands can be found in the US in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.  The eroded land is  characterized with steep grades and gullies while lacking regolith (a blanket layer of loose dust, dirt and broken rock over bedrock) and sparse vegetation.  However, some badlands are not arid and some can be man made, as well.

Badlands National Park in South Dakota is one of the finest examples of Badlands that pioneers had to find a way around when migrating west for homesteading. 

The South Dakota Badlands took 47 million years to deposit sediment (during the Cretaceous Period, Late Eocene and the Oligocene Epochs) which created distinct layers of sedimentary deposition that is now subject to erossion by nature with wind and occasional flooding in an arid climate.

The different layers of the sedimentary deposits can be seen in the different colors of the soil, showcasing the law of superposition.


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